My First Writing Blog; Welcome!

Hm, my first writing blog. I like it. 

Writing right now is pretty much just a hobby for me, but I’d like to make something of it in the future. That and music are the two things I absolutely want to do something with in life, but… here I am, a math major. (College is a struggle, yo.)

And that is why this blog you stumbled upon is different – it’s my creative outlet, I’ll call it, or a space where you’ll see how my mind works a little. Maybe it’ll instill in you an urge to read more, or even write yourself. This blog is the place where I’ll be posting all the little writings I randomly compose when I’m between water sips while working on homework. It’s all the quotes that have made me interrupt my busy schedule to think deeper f0r a second. It’s loud poems; it’s treasured short stories; it’s thought-provoking song lyrics… The list goes on.

Maybe, just maybe, this blog will be more than enough for now.

Some of the writings I’ll share with you will require a great deal of courage on my part to place here. Yet I’m confident that these writings will present me as the person who I was in the moment that I first composed them.

Without further ado, Dear Reader, I hope you’ll join me in my appreciation of the power of the pen!


~ Ruth



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