Hey guys, I’m back again! This right here is just a little random snippet I found in my files on my laptop. There must be so many of these somewhere… I imagine that a great many of these segments I’ve written could be recycled and used in a grander work of mine, but for now, this is what I’ve penned.

And it was getting so late that she just looked him in the eyes, said the magic words, and knew that she couldn’t ever find what she was looking for. After all, that was right before her. It was putting on its coat and heading out again into the storm, leaving her alone once again.

This was feeling.

But fuck feeling, she thought. If there’s anything she’d ever wanted to have in life, it was to not feel. To turn around. To leave with no pain—to be so unbreakable that she no longer needed to know how to smile.

So ironically, as she stood there with an agonizing hot dampness growing along her cheeks and collarbones, a smile grew to her face.

“Pathetic,” she muttered. She was so human it hurt.


~ Ruth



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