Love, Written in Words

I usually write rather dark things – that’s just how my mind works – but today, my thoughts seemed to drift somewhere different. Do you ever just sit there and sigh to yourself as you think of what ultimate perfection and happiness would be? Well, this is the beautiful way I’ve always envisioned ideal love. Yes, it is quite possibly too utopian to be true, and so what I’ve written probably happens to very few. It reminds me of what you see in movies: who knows if it’ll ever happen. In any case though, I’m sure something similar to what I’ve written is bound to have happened to at least one couple in the past and present… right?  Without further ado, here’s my random writing segment. How do you feel? Do you think a perfect love is like this, too? How would you portray it?  Enjoy!

“Your hand, Mademoiselle,” he said with a mischievous little bow.  Plastered on his face was the happiest smile she’d ever seen.  Her own face sparkled with a delight she had never known. 

With a playful, flirty smile back, she offered her delicate hand to him and gazed into his blue, blue eyes with her own brown ones.  Together, they twirled down into the flower-filled meadows in beautifully dizzying circles, radiating more rays than the sun itself. 

Her orange dress billowed out like a picnic pinwheel on a windy day, and his brunette hair shone like copper under the sun from its perch in the endless sky. 

As each held the other tight, they rolled into the colorful tulips and daffodils, tumbling in laughter, never letting the other’s eyes go.  When it began to rain soon after, they just sat there in the dewy meadow, hair soaked and skin glowing, mesmerized by their own beauty and the power of their clasped hands.  Each drank deeply from the other’s luminous eyes. When lightning and thunder began to sound above, it didn’t matter; neither noticed when they were so lucky as to have the real marvel before them.

The storm raged on all around them, but neither moved.

After all, they’d each found what they’d been looking for.


~ Ruth



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