Forms of Terror for Those Who Fear Dying Young

One of my favorite poems I’ve written!  This is just a numbered poem I wrote… I hope you notice and appreciate the little details I put into it.

53. Starting
54. In the wrong place
55. Brown pants
56. Lustful stares
57. Oh little amorous boy
58. Remember
59. Light switches scared you?
58. Lethal museum of
59. Memories
60. Crawl alone
61. Into night
62. Without companionship
63. Not even a cat.
64. Don’t
65. Get me
66. Started on that, but
67. Let me work it out
68. And hopelessly
69. Leave out the
70. Painful Details
90. I once cherished
91. Midafternoon
92. But math
93. Hurt me.
94. Counting down
95. Growing bitter
97. Or
98. Worse
98.5 Yet to come
99. Never hitting 100.

[**The random words given by a friend include the following: cat, brown, lethal, amorous, light switch, detail, museum]


~ Ruth


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