Bicycle Days, Part 1/3

It’s been awhile since I’ve published on here – not because I’ve forgotten, but because I’ve been a bit busy with other things.  And somewhat lazy.  But that’s not a valid reason lol.

I wanted to include part of a short story I started that was inspired by a casual walk on campus and a favorite movie of mine.  This is just part 1 of 3, and even that is tentative (who knows – maybe I’ll have to have a part 4?  We’ll see).  I hope you enjoy!

The wind whipped across her face.  She lifted her right hand from the bicycle handle and pulled her hood closer toward her nose.

It was one of those semi-gray days.  You could hear the clouds whizzing past, but you could also see scraps of white sun if you looked for holes.

As she pedaled down the sloping road, the eateries on either side tugged at her raincoat in pleading.  The town was small and its appetite even smaller.

But she was a picky eater.  Italian didn’t look appetizing, and neither did Indian.  Ever.  What else?  She sighed into the wind, swallowing some air in the process.

After her stringy calves pedaled her further, she finally came across something that wouldn’t disgust her.  It was a small Korean eatery that she almost nearly passed, her head turning backward to keep looking.  She dropped her feet to the road and pulled herself backward and up the road with her boots, looking like a penguin.

Just then though, she felt a whoosh of hard air at her ear.

It passed quickly, but she lost her balance and fell.  Her bike followed.


Stay tuned for part 2/3! 🙂


~ Ruth


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